Thursday, January 2, 2014

The Colors of 2014

Did you now that the Pantone Institute chooses the color of the year for fashion? They sure do! If you want to know what colors you will find hanging on the racks this fall, you can find out early. It is not a coincidence when the fashions on the catwalks share the same color pallet. I can't stand when I finally get to go shopping for new clothes, go to the mall and find everything is dark and dreary (as you all know I love color). By knowing the colors in advance I can hang on to that old sweater I was going to donate, since it is now back in style, or plan my sewing in advance.

This is the link to the Pantone Institute's blog. The color of the year and for each fashion season can all be found on this blog. The colors not only pertain to our clothes but they are also for decorating our living spaces from paint to furniture, drapes, appliances, etc.